Jungle Mural Regina, Saskatchewan
This is my daughters room, this is what I call a removable mural,  Her walls have wallpaper on them, so instead of taking 3 days to remove it, I thought I would paint right over it....   and its standing up great to the paint...  She is 10 right now, but full of a little girl, growing fast into a women,  so I figured she would tire of this so this is something fun while shes young...   I still have a bit more to add yet,  a few more leaves to some of the closer trees, some more vines going up the tree, maybe a few bigger shrubs........  

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Junlgle Mural including some of the animals you find in the jungle, tigers, parrots, toucan and leopard, ,  Like living in a jungle in Regina, Saskatchewan
This is just one of the murals I have painted in my home, they make a wonderful wall finish and a great way to paint a childs room..