A large variety of my stepping stones are special orders.  They make Ideal welcome stones,  Garden ornaments, and have even been ordered as memorial stones, to be placed in your garden to remember someone special.  I can also do cute styles to remember a birth of a new baby, a wedding day, or anything you maybe interested in.
Hand Painted personalised Steppingstones
Scenes - Steppingstones featuring, Scenery, Cabins, Covered bridges, Deer in the Moonlight, Chicken Co-op Farms, Racoon and Fairy
Aquatic- Steppingstones featuring, dolphins, Killer Whales
Houses-  Featuring houses done as House warming gifts
Flowers-  Featuring Sunflowers, roses, and Poppies
Pets-  Featuring Pets
personal -  Featuring,  Monuments to Memorial stones.
Memory stones for your child, or thier favorite activity.
Golf Themed stepping stones for the favorite golfer in your life

9 Inch steppingstone   35.00 U.S. plus shipping and handling
12 Inch steppinstone  45.00 U.S. Plus shipping and handling