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Free Flowing Sunflower Stepping stone Pattern
Includes:  Full Size Line Drawing, Color Picture, Full instructions, and list of supplie needed.
More to come shortly.  If you are interested in ordering pattern package for the Free Flowing Sunflower Stepping stone, you may contact me, through Email.  I accept Money orders only at this time.. Thanks, Sandra Spiers
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Price:   7.95 Canadian Plus S&H.
Price:    5.50 U.S. Plus S&H
Pattern # SFSS1
Please include Pattern Number in Email, I will get back to you with the final Cost, Money orders only accepted.  Thank you..
These are Pam Miller Design, she has a wonderful variety of pattern packages available, from Snow men, to Rabbits, to Roosters, and flowers.  To view or order more.. Press link.
Complete directions,  Preparation, supply list, step by step instructions on how to create your own faux log cabin room

Price:7.99 u.s. payable by Paypal.  I will give you a private link that you can save the pages and print them off.   Please contact me if your interested.. Thanks..
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