Wall Murals and decorative Wall paintings
Here is the Mural Redone,  added an arch,  changed the scrubbery infront of the fence,  did some changes in the front area as well.  Time did not allow for all I wanted to do..
This Mural was a quick fix,  I did it for my brother at one of his house,  only had about 12 hours to do it,  and the walls werent properly prepared, so it didnt  allow for alot of things I wanted to do... The twigs, going up the middle, are diguising cracks up the wall.. 
These vines were painted above the tile in my bathroom.
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Vine and Lattice border painted in kitchen, upper part of the walls, with vines going on to ceiling.
Scene painted on gyproc, on top of cupboards for the backdrop of a christmas village, which stayed up all year and served as a cute nightlight
To the Left,  flowers painted on the inside of the bathroom door.  To the left,  an arch scene leading into a garden... this was done shortly after I began painting.
painted above the mirror in the bathroom
Mini Mural painted on a sheet of plywood, and attached to the fence in the backyard by the firepit,  gives you that warm outdoor feeling..
Trompe L'oeil Niche, painted on a wall, with an arrangement of flowers in it, and vines, falling off the edge...
A miniture wall at my sisters between the kitchen and the living room....  This wall was in semi rough condition due to the fact it had been cut down from a previous time...  so painted a few non descript flowers to match her decor put some wines and tendrils, now  your eye doesnt focus on the flaws of the wall...    This wall was only about 5 ft tall, by about 18 wide....