Personalised, Hand painted Skates
Hand painted, Hockey Skates, figure Skates, Ice Skates & Goalie Skates.
These were Black/WHite Mens Hockey skates, painted for a female Hockey player - Special order wedding gift, Wedding date and her team number on the back, team color was Royal Blue.
Ladies Skates Painted with flowers and fruits... can be done in christmas themes too, to be hung instead of christmas stocking, or as a gift for your favorite skater....
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These Skates, can be used as Trophies to remember special events, be hung on the front door,  Hung with Dried flowers in them, or replace the traditional christmas Stocking.
Figure Skates, painted with Geraniums, Daisies, and Musical notes.
Goalie Skates, featuring a goalie, in team colors in front of a goalie net.