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Hand Painted Rock Animals, make Wonderful Pets,  No need to walk them, feed them, and no worries when your on Vacation...  They are non Allergenic, and each one has its own unique Personality.  Use them in your Yard or Garden, or as a Door Stop in your house..  
Hereford Cow painted on Rock
Brown Bunny Rabbit painted on Rock
Turtle Painted on Rock
Chick Hatching out of egg Rock
White Seal Rock
Pig Rock with an Attitude.   He is just a tad snobby....
Frog Rock.
Red Fox rock                           Wolf Rock
Introducing the newest of the Rock collection, Mamma Cow, is proud to present her new calf
Baby  Bunny Pictures
Mum Bunny posing with her new baby,
Doe a deer, a female deer
Mother Deer and Fawn, thisone is not going to be an orphan
Raccoon Rock
Skunk Rock  hes a really little stinker