You can take an old cement floor, and turn it into stone, slate, or anything you imagine... Old doors can be painted to look like Faux wood.  The possibilities with Faux, and Decorative finishes is endless.  Heres a few examples of some of the work I have done.

Faux FInishes,  Rocks, Bricks, Slate, and Wood FInishes
Our sunroom floor was plain cement, with a few cracks in it, so with nothing more than an old paint brush, and very sore knees,  I transformed it into massive rocks.. 
These stairs, had an ugly old orange rug on them,  the wood was not worth finishing,  so I painted them as terracotta slate, to give it a fresh new look
This is Fake brick painted on the leftovers of a waterbed,  it was used as a frame for a laundry rack,  to see the whole picture check out the murals page.
This is Faux woodgraining, using a wood graining tool.  These doors previously had years and years of old white paint on them.. which with kids, is a no no..
This faux Oak door was just done using, paints, and a old paintbrush.. It was previously white, and showed everything, so I did it to match the real oak trim, shown on the little ledge. .  For closup of paint finish see below..  this picture shows actual color, the other picture shows texture,  Done with a plastic bag
This Faux finish was done in the kitchen to match a border,  it has a slight pearl finish added to the paint.  Its a very light effect, but works well Done with a rag roller
This Faux finish was done in a upstairs bedroom.  It was done using the rag roller.. These walls were very old, and had alot of defects in them,  this finish really helped to take your eye away, and almost made the defects disapear
This Faux finish was done on the stairwell wall,  using lighter colors, and a simple plastic bag turned inside out.  I then added a niche to the wall for extra interest..  It can be viewed on the murals page.
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This was another old white door, painted it to resemble cherry wood, then painted a flower motif on it, to brighten it up.
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